Jan 9, 2017

34 weeks pregnant: baby #4

Ah, less than 6 weeks left. I almost can't believe it, but then again I sure am feeling it these days!

Weight gain: 20lbs  I'm on target weight-wise but I do feel like I'm carrying the weight pretty much in my belly. This may perhaps be the healthiest/fittest pregnancy and I think that is because  our eating habits have gotten better in the last few years. The only cravings I continue to have really is fresh fruit and/or smoothies.

Baby is the size of muskmelon  (our babies have all weighed 7 lbs)

Name: Yes, he has a name. His name was already in my heart before we found out we were pregnant with him and knew he was a boy.

We went through our hospital walkthrough last week. Although I have delivered there before it makes me more comfortable having a refresher tour. I also pre-registered online following the tour which I highly recommend! No woman wants to come into the hospital and have to sit and be asked a bunch of questions about insurance and if you have the same address in between contractions...

Fail : bought a going home outfit... only to realize AFTER washing that I bought preemie size instead of newborn.

The farther along I get, the less space this girl gives me!

We have pretty much all we need except to buy a new infant carseat. Hubby has been doing research on a bassinet and I would like to purchase a Moby Wrap or other woven baby wrap.

TO DOs  this week: write out birth plan ( the hospital doesn't supply that paperwork anymore so I will make my own via research and our wishes)  and write out a list and start packing our hospitals bags.

Worries: My only worry is that hubby is suppose to start working in a new location.... 5+ hours away. Although I worry, none of my other 3 labors have been less than 8 hours so...I'll just keep praying he comes when daddy is home! Hubby made a passing comment he will come early, so we shall see!


Jan 5, 2017

My 2017 Word

Well hello there!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and a good start to 2017!

Hubby is back to work after a week+ break and the kids think it's funny to test mommy on what they can get away with, so I'm having fun times over here. * eye roll*

I love Christmas break not only because of Christmas per se, but we get quality family time, projects done, enjoy 24/7 hubby/daddy time, and we always have good conversations about the year coming up and goals and dreams and plans.

It's definitely refreshing. And fun things like this happen ;)

I haven't really ever done New Years resolutions but last year I chose the word: Enjoy.  I can't say I stuck with it all year but I did try to remember to stop and enjoy the little moments with the kids, 'enjoy' the stresses of a stay at home mom with a hubby that travels vs the alternative. I thought about and decided that I did want to have another word to focus on but to make it a purposeful one that I contemplate on a regular basis, not just one I forget about in February.

My word this year is Grow.. and truly in every area of my life. I want to grow my relationship with each child (including baby boy in Feb), my Spiritual walk, the foundation of my marriage and as a wife, I want to grow certain talents without giving up when things get hard, and grow our knowledge of healthy living.

Just to name a few things ;)

I'm kicking off the year with a few books, book recommendations welcome! I have a few 'fun' reads on my library wish list too.

Dec 6, 2016

My husband is a great gift giver but...

My husband is probably the best gift giver I have ever known ( I AM lucky!) but he is the WORST at waiting or keeping the surprise a secret!!!

So.... I know all of my Christmas presents already. Some actually showed up on Friday, so I have already started to enjoy them! .. This year I actually came up with a Christmas list, which did make his job a little easier. I like practical every-day items.  And the fact he saved us some money but making the purchases over the Thanksgiving holiday. extra win!

I got to say, he did goooood this year, as always! He got it good this year too, as we picked up his present on Friday ... a new TV for the living room. Which took us a hot minute to get it set up and mounted on the wall. The kids played well, while  we were trying to get it figured out and ended up eating cereal for dinner... but no one complained ;)

And then Saturday I made up for it by breaking my Dutch Oven with my first pot roast! Both were a success. I used a mixture of this recipe and this one, if you are interested!

I think all of the presents have been ordered..   Now to focus on our Christmas bucket list. Our two big things are gingerbread houses and going to see Christmas lights.

Is your hubby a good gift giver? Do you know what you are getting? Holiday shopping done yet?

Nov 28, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend recap

Thanksgiving turned out wonderful. We traveled to PA and I didn't have to cook a thing!

My grandma and aunt made all the traditional Thanksgiving foods with a few extras and it was a hit. I think all the kids had seconds or thirds!

We got to visit with my grandma, dad and step mom, all my sisters, aunt and uncle... lots of laughs and stories!

The kids did really good traveling but were quite tired, as was I, throughout the trip and since we've been home!

It was a quick 2 day trip but much needed. We snuck in some pictures since we were all together and I still need to get them emailed to everyone .

When we got home Calvin and I snuck off to do some Christmas browsing and a had a little date while discussing Christmas gifts and purchased our Christmas tree .. I'm usually ahead of the game, but not this year! I have only purchased two presents so far!

Christmas decorating in progress!!

Nov 15, 2016

Monday was good to me

The time change was suppose to give us an hour, right? Well something happened and my kids LOST 2 hours!?!?!!. Which means I have been getting a 5:30 am wake up call.  Ah, well. The kids are currently drawing at the big table and I have water heating on the stove for my coffee.

My husband is the early bird, he always has been. I do have to agree when I get up early I get more things accomplished. Yesterday I had everything done before lunch (except one load of laundry I chose not to fold that is currently in the dryer). And Mel took a morning nap instead of her afternoon nap which was a big help also. And I got to have a little midmorning rest:

new slipper socks from Muk-Luks - so soft and warm, perfect gift for Christmas!

It really is good for me though. I got to play a game with the kids, we watched one episode of Chopped on Netflix, and I read them a book. Dare I say I'm starting to like these early mornings? Haha. 3pm rolled around and I felt like it should have been 5 or 6 o'clock!

I am also realizing I'm on my phone a whole lot less these days which means I'm "finding" pockets of time to read a book myself, play with the kids, or just sit down and enjoy watching the kids play.. or them play with baby brother. I have seen the awe in the 'big' kids' eyes on seeing a new baby(mel) but I cannot wait to see Melanie. She loves to shake my belly and tell him to 'wake up - breakfast" as she says. I want savor these moments forever!  I'm sure she'll be excited to 'play' with him!

Oh, and early bedtimes are my jam! ... I have read before that the more hours you get to bed before midnight the better you sleep?! I don't know if that's true, but when 9 p.m. hits, my body makes me feel like it's midnight! But I really am sleeping better, even with my pregnancy aches and baby boy's nighttime party kicks.

I think I may keep this routine :)

Nov 3, 2016

25 weeks with baby #4!

Ah, those first 20ish weeks seem to fly by and now the weeks seem to be crawling!!

Scarf: Old / Sweater: on sale here / pants: Old

Overall I am feeling pretty good. My only complaint is that I literally wake up at night from being kicked from the inside out!

I've had to buy some more maternity clothes, a lot of which can be worn next spring post-baby! I like to be frugal :) Most of my old maternity had been through at least 2 pregnancy so it was time to throw it out.

My cravings are pretty healthy and/or minimal. Salads and smoothies have been staples! Comfort food is being cooked a lot (chili, chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes) but I can't say that is all pregnancy, I think some of it has to do with the change of season.

Weigh gain:  I think I have only weighed myself at home less than handful of times. I'm right around 15 lbs gained. But honestly I don't worry to much when I know I am eating right.

I am looking forward to a thanksgiving trip to see family and a bit bummed we can't really plan a mini vacation for Christmas with being 6ish weeks from DD.

My next DR apt is the glucose test (YUCK). I have yet to fail it, so I am not worried.

Baby was breech at my gender reveal ultrasound but I am pretty sure he has changed positions since. And he is the size of a cucumber and around 1.5 lbs (according to my app).

My anxiety is lessened now that we are farther into the pregnancy (and lots of praying!) and everything seems completely normal, but I feel like I still can't breathe until I hold him in my arms.

Oh, and I am a huge emotional mess so there's that. Thankfully hubby has been through this 3 other times so he just knows how I am. :)

Oct 31, 2016

Our $25 anniversary date

Last Friday was our anniversary! 8 years together and 1 year married.

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Thanks to Nana we got to head out Saturday for a day date while the kids got to have some quality time and play out all their energy!

We drove to a nearby town and found a locally owned coffee shop to grab a little lunch and coffee. We were going to grab it to go but she brought it out on a little plates so we just enjoyed our sandwiches there and saved our coffee to go.

Then we headed to the state park. Originally I thought hubby had asked for me to bring the camera to take pictures of the fall leaves on our walk but instead we did a little photo shoot! how sweet is he to think of that!? And we (I mean he) figured out how to set the self timer.

We also took a few pictures of the bison to show the kids.


We walked and talked and just really enjoyed each other. Before kids {and broke} we always did outdoor stuff together including summer canoeing and winter walks (are they considered hikes, cause it sure feels like a little more work than just a walk?haha) ... The weather was amazing on Saturday and we sure enjoyed it. We lucked out because Sunday was dark and rainy all day.

It may be too simple of a anniversary date for some, but to me (us) it was a perfect date and took us down memory lane! We normally go for day dates because we like to be home to put kids to bed and lunch/day dates tend to be less crowded and cheaper !

Coffee and sandwich lunch:  $16.85
State Park entrance fee: $7.00
($9 for out of state residents)

Our total spent: $23.85!

Now I just need order some prints!