Apr 25, 2017

Listening, Doing, Making

Happy Tuesday!

I have literally minutes before any of the four kids need me. Two kids are just over being sick and the other two are currently which means my days are long, sleepless, and full of little ones needing attention! I found a few minutes to hop on and share a few things I'm listening to, doing, and making.!

Just finished this book via audible:

And getting ready to start this one:

Apr 11, 2017

DIY Front Door: Before and After

Spring is trying to come! We had beautiful weather this weekend which meant a project was bound to happen :)

Next month will be the 2 year mark on buying our house and changing our front door has been on the list since day one. One of our biggest reservations was the fact the price tag, the one we had been keeping an eye on was around $1,000. I don't know how many times we have been into Lowes or Menards and window shopped doors.

Calvin came across this one and decided at a $219 price tag we needed to finally go ahead and tackle that project and cross it off the list. Our old door was actually hard to open from the outside, was pretty drafty, and we personally didn't love the gold look.

Apr 4, 2017

5 Go-To Meals

Lately I have been doing pretty well with meal prepping, freezer meals,  and meal planning. I fit it in during Theo's naptime and make sure I have a full list so I only make 1 grocery trip a week which saves money and my sanity. I have yet to try and run errands with 4 kiddos by myself!

But I thought I'd share 5 of my go to meals when I don't have time (fussy baby) to make dinner or on a day that I forgot dinner time was coming (ehem..oh, that doesn't happen to you?! #liar).

Mar 30, 2017

Things I'm Loving Lately

Focus on the good. Positive breeds positive. Looking at the bright side.

1. Springtime is coming!

Granted some days snow still falls, we have one warm weathered day then the following day it pours down buckets of rain. But spring IS coming; I've seen glimpses, I swear it!

See? Told you.

Mar 16, 2017

Part 2: Theo's Birth Story

Read PART ONE here.

After my water broke things started to get harder. Harder to focus, harder to not be irritated that hubby wanted to watch the news and I couldn't stand it (haha!), contractions were harder, and I was getting so tired, I mean, it was 2:30 am!

Up to this point I was pretty comfortable about how everything was going. The nurse(s) never pressured my about my non-epidural decision, never mentioned giving me Pitocin, kind of left me alone to do my thing. ..

I think it was around 4:30 our nurse came in to check on me, I told her I could tell it was getting time! So she headed off to get everything ready to bring in. So shortly after, the nurses started coming in and getting set up, the Doctor (on call/not my regular OB) came in and introduced himself . But he didn't stay long, he apologized but he was not-so-patiently waiting for the next Dr on call to come in, I remember specifically looking at the clock at that point and it was 4:45 am. Something about being in charge of his sons science fair project and he was in charge of driving it meet the bus ?!? (He came and check in on me later that day and said he should have stayed, he hit a deer on the way! We all had a good laugh.)